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Yellowstone was epic

Driving back today from a 3-day stay at the national park, it was awesome. It's like all the nature you see in movies, but it's right by the road and you can just stop and stare at it. Arrived at night in the awesome RV we rented and slept. First day, we checked out a bunch of hot springs, one of which was the Grand Prismatic spring:

Then, we hiked up to Fairy Falls, a 5-mile total hike but worth it. Not like 5 miles is even that much.

Then we watched Old Faithful, the world's tallest routine geyser, erupt. I didn't bother taking many photos because of 1) the crowd and 2) it's the most photographed geyser in the world, what's the point. Search it up if you wanna see it though, it's pretty cool. I also saw a herd of elk, which was pretty cool.

The second day, we hiked to Lower Rim Falls, where I took probably one of my greatest photos ever.

After that, we drove 90 minutes over to the Mammoth thermal vents and saw some cool rock/salt formations:

Also saw a bunch of these thicc bois:

And finally, a few cool landscapes as we drove out (click the squares to view the full pics).

The photos should be up on the main site within a few days, along with some other ones I didn't include here. Overall though, it was such an awesome trip. Yellowstone has every single kind of vacation for every single kind of budget. Definitely pop over there if you can.

Ps: The trek has been delayed due to Covid but we're still doing it in April, so stay tuned for that. See previous posts for context.

Thanks for reading - stay safe folks.


Also your routine bird photo:

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