• Christian

italy day 6


Aghhhhh, I slept through my alarm so I had to book it to get with everyone. I had vending machine Oreos for breakfast, so not feeling super nice. At the Vatican museum now.


Just did the hour-long walk through the crowd to get to the Sistine Chapel. So amazing. Not as exciting for me (having already been) but still great.


Had lunch at our best restaurant yet. So good. Then we had a bunch of free time so we had some gelato and got some lit sunglasses.


We went to St. Peter’s basilica. Even though I’d already been there, it was still pretty insane. That place never gets old.


So we chilled at the hotel for an hour then headed out to dinner. Pretty good. Going to Naples tomorrow for 2 nights. Gonna also check out Pompeii and climb Mount Vesuvius. Super excited!!


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