• Christian

italy day 5


So we’re in Florence. We woke up at 5:45 and got on a high speed train. At the Basilica St. Lorenzo. Really nice.


So we walked around the basilica. It was great. Italians really care about their churches...

Then we headed to the Uffizi museum and walked around there for a WHILE. We saw the original “birth of Venus” painting though, which was pretty awesome. Waiting outside now.


Walked around the city for a while and had an enormous gelato. Don’t mean to brag, but a friend took a wrong turn and ye boi has the city navigation skillz so I kinda got’em back. Gotta go catch the train back to Rome now.


So Florence was super fun. At a restaurant now for dinner. Appetizers were good.


Food was pretty good. Tomorrow we’re going to the Vatican. Not that excited because I already went but we’re gonna have a lot of free time so I guess that’s good. Ok that’s kind of it; pretty nice day.


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