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italy day 10

Updated: Jun 24, 2019


Got up early. Just got on the long-distance bus. Going to the catacombs...


Got out of the catacombs. Super, super cool. Those are always one of my favorite parts.


Walked around, got a great (expensive) lunch, checked out a museum. Gonna go to the Trevi fountain tonight!


Walked around an ancient prison/tomb/castle. Views were amazing. Super hot outside!!


Had dinner after a Latin mass (pretty cool despite the fact that I didn’t understand anything). Going to the fountain now!!

So, we went to the fountain, made our wishes, and came back. What an amazing trip. I was barely excited, being that I had already been to Rome, but it turned out to be awesome. I can’t thank my teachers and the Paideia Institute enough.

Thanks so much for reading this blog! See ya in the next one.



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