• Christian

italy day 1

Alright, so the adventure begins. My 8hr flight left at 8pm. Other than the TWO SCREAMING BABIES ACROSS FROM ME THE WHOLE FLIGHT, it was pretty uneventful. I arrived, joined up with my group and got in the van. One person had to be sacrificed though to make room. They got to go in the next van.


We‘re at the hotel. Hotel is kind of an overstatement though. This is moreover of a hostel. The rooms are like 10 feet by 19 feet. Gonna go on some sort of walking tour later. None of us are excited though for the insane humidity and heat.


All waiting in the lobby. Nothing really happened, I was just bored so I wrote this


So we walked around a bit now that it got cool. Checked out St. Peter‘s Basilica, had dinner and some gelato. Walked around a bit more and headed back. I’m gonna go to bed now.



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