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I'm a 15 year old kid that lives in Connecticut and has a camera. Here are my photos and maybe a few other things. If I have the time I'll also add cool tech and music stuff that I do, so stay tuned.​

Q: ​How do you pay for a website??

A: I teach coding and game building at Code Ninjas in Stamford.

Q: What website software do you use?
A: I run the website with Wix, on a domain from Namecheap. The website design, however, is my own - I have a good amount of web experience and didn't want to have to use something super pro/tedious. If you're starting out I would highly recommend Wix; very easy to use and has good enough pro features.

My cousin/inspiration: Davey Walters

If you want to talk to me or contact me about anything (i.e. using my photos), you can do so below; I'll reply soon enough.

I can also edit your videos! I charge the guaranteed lowest rates and I have multiple years of video editing experience making short films, TV ads, and more.

Stuff I use:

It took me a good three years to amass this collection, so I promise you don't have to buy it all at once! If you're just getting started and have a relatively new phone, I would just get going with that. I shot some of my best photos on an iPhone from 2015! 

My camera: Nikon D5600

My GoPro: Hero 8 Black

My drone: DJI Mavic 2 Pro

If you can, buy extra batteries for the drone, super useful.

Some more stuff: 

Tripods, mounts, and other beautiful things. 

A nice, reliable tripod I use for pretty much everything

The zoom lens I use for those cool shots of birds and stuff (the lens is not at all a must buy, it's pretty expensive) 

Accessories and mounts for the GoPro (highly recommend those. Also try the "3-Way" grip and the chest harness 


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