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I'm a 17 year old from Connecticut who a couple of years ago saved up for a camera. Here are my photos and maybe a few other things. If I have the time I'll also add some interesting tech and music stuff that I do, so stay tuned.​

I've played piano for 13 years, and have performed at places like the Parco della Musica in Rome, and Carnegie Hall in New York City. Up until just over three years ago, I played exclusively classical music, but have since taken up jazz.

At home, I teach coding and game building, and lead digital marketing and brand development at Code Ninjas in Stamford. I've just returned from a year at King's Academy in Jordan, and am a rising junior at Fordham Prep in NYC. I love languages, and along with English, I speak Spanish, French, and Arabic.

If you want to talk to me or contact me about anything (i.e. using my photos), you can do so below; I'll reply right away.

I can also edit your videos! I charge the guaranteed lowest rates and I have multiple years of video editing experience making short films, TV ads, and more.

Stuff I use:

It took me a good three years to build this equipment collection, so don't feel you need to buy it all at once. If you're just getting started and have a relatively new phone, I would just get going with that. I shot some of my best photos on an iPhone from 2015! 

My camera: Nikon D5600

My GoPro: Hero 8 Black

My drone: DJI Mavic 2 Pro

If you can, buy extra batteries for the drone, super useful.

Some more stuff: 

Tripods, mounts, and other beautiful things. 

A nice, reliable tripod I use for pretty much everything

The zoom lens I use for those cool shots of birds and stuff (the lens is not at all a must buy, it's pretty expensive) 

Accessories and mounts for the GoPro (highly recommend those. Also try the "3-Way" grip and the chest harness 

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