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I'm a jazz pianist,
software developer,
and graphic designer
, with a passion for connecting and creating beautiful things.

Born in New York City with a mind for the world, I've worked with companies in industries from education, to construction, to healthcare.

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I've studied and played with multi-Grammy winning jazz performers, faculty at Berklee and the Manhattan School of Music, and all over NYC. I recently published my first album, Nothing Else to Do, available on all platforms!

My musical journey has lasted most of my life, starting at age 3 and punctuated by performances at Carnegie Hall and the Parco della Musica in Rome, Italy. I switched from classical to jazz piano at age 12, and I haven't looked back once!

I'm also passionate about the way music can impact our health; I'm currently working with the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function on a pioneering music therapy support group aimed at alleviating symptoms of Parkinson's.


Presently, I'm a pre-college student at the Manhattan School of Music. I hope to pursue jazz at the university level, and continue performing around the city and beyond. Check out some of my favorite performances and audition tapes!

I work to implement a variety of styles and motifs into my graphic design, forming a language that can mold itself to any industry or specialization.

I'm experienced in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as alternate design tools such as Canva. I've developed websites for many of the businesses I've designed for, and am well-versed in Webflow and similar design tools.

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From 2018 to 2022, I served as digital marketing lead at Code Ninjas, a nationwide franchise dedicated to supporting and educating youth in STEM. My work involved outreach to schools, development of ad campaigns, and design of educational curricula for thousands of children across Western Connecticut, among other responsibilities.

Presently, I'm the co-founder and CEO of Atrium, an innovative design and project management startup.


We use advanced technological tools such as generative AI, as well as streamlined project planning and precise management to provide some of the highest value services available for design, marketing, research and even recruitment. Our members have experience at organizations like Ferrari and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

While we're still new, we've already received ample praise from our clients, whose industries range from consulting to foodservice.

Check us out at

  • My concept app Squad won Best Technological Design at a statewide coding competition, with an endorsement by the Infosys Foundation USA. I'm well-versed in Java, Swift, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

  • I serve as chief marketing officer and head of Middle East outreach at Teens4Teens, a nonprofit providing education, material aid, and crucial connections to youth community leaders in the city and abroad. Check out our very first promo video in the section below!

  • I have multiple years of experience in video production, including Final Cut, which I've used for both work and personal purposes. Below is one of my favorite works, a quick look into my grandparents' home country of Lebanon.

  • I've had a longstanding hobby of photography, a passion which I credit for much of my interest in design and arts as a whole. Check out my gallery!

  • Language has always been a passion of mine - I'm fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and proficient in Arabic. I recently concluded a months-long research project on modern translations of Old English epic poetry.

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